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A Spass Per Lou Viol

Photo Credits Lucio Rossi

30 km
1100 m
borgata Serre, Elva - 1637 m slm

The itinerary “A spass per Lou Viol” (dialect for “a walk along the trail”) will take you through the villages of Elva, a small town nestled in the mountains at about 1600 metres above sea level.

The hike through the ancient mule tracks tell the story of a slow-paced lifestyle, old architecture and traditional crafts. And a small community that preserves its traditions with a look to the future.

The overall length is 30 km and the walk will take you about 8 hours, with the possibility of splitting it into shorter walks. The path is signposted.

Be sure to visit the Parish church of santa Maria and the Museum of Pels (“Hair”) that treasures the memory of the typical craft of hair collectors.

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