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Alta Maira Bike (Cannoni)

Route length
Altitude difference

The loop goes on the left bank of the Maira river in a low-anthropic-impact and naturalistically valuable landscape. The first part of the trail runs along the “PedalMaira” cycle path. Here, the long climb uphill alternates secondary roads and rusticwoodland tracks, allowing you to fully enjoy your ride while surrounded by greenery and to reach the pleasant Elva basin with its 29 hamlets, the historic military road “Strada dei Cannoni” and Bicocca mountain pass. Vast prospects allow you to admire the high altitude pastures dominated by over-3000-meters peaks, such as Pelvo d’Elva, Monte Chersogno and, last but not least, Monviso (3841 meters). Camoscere lake with Bonfante bivouac represents the halfway point of the tour. This latter section of the path is highly recommended for expert bikers only.

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