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Alta Maira Bike (Gardetta)

Route length
55 km
Altitude difference

The excursion follows the hydrographic right of Maira valley, in a landscape with an extremely scarce anthropogenic impact. A detour of the “PedalMaira” cycle path leads to San Giovanni di Canosio mountain pass. From here, on a paved driveway, you can reach the municipalities of Canosio, Marmora and the mountain passes of Esischie, Fauniera and Valcavera. From a territorial point of view, Gardetta plateau is highly impactful. This splendid upland is crossed by former military roads dotted with fortifications datable back to the Alpine Wall of the Second World War and is dominated by the Dolomites-like Rocca La Meja peak. The subsequent descent into Unerzio side valley, too, maintains a high natural and landscape level, dominated by the summits along the border with France. For MTB beginners it is advisable to get back following the direction for Preit-Canosio hamlet, avoiding the final technical descent in Unerzio valley.