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Old Town Hall, Belfry and Picture Gallery Matteo Olivero

Antico Palazzo Comunale, Torre Civica, Pinacoteca Matteo Olivero, Saliata al Castello, 26 Saluzzo - CN
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(+39) 017546710

Built between 1440 and 1442, until 1831 it was the town hall and today it houses the picture gallery of the landscape architect Matteo Olivero.

On the 1st floor is the Congregations hall with a magnificent coffered ceiling decorated with emblems and grotesqueries.  It was here that the representatives of the villages and land of the Marquisate used to meet.

The Tower, which is 48 metres high, was where the town bell was sited.  Climbing the 130 steps you reach the balcony from where you can enjoy a wide panoramic view from the Langhe to Monviso.

The salon on the 2nd floor accommodates the picture gallery dedicated to the landscape architect Matteo Olivero (1879-1932), a prominent figure in Italian pointillism, who exhibited in Paris, Brussels and Monaco.  As well as more than a hundred paintings, the collection comprises drawings and sculptures, subdivided into four thematic areas.

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