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Balma Boves

Sanfront - CN
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Tel (+39) 346 6908618
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Today, Balma Boves – an old settlement built under an enormous rock roof – is a museum hamlet situated at an elevation of 652 m and at a distance around a half hour of easy walking from Rocchetta di Sanfront.

Surrounded by a forest of centenary sweet chestnut trees, this place is a fascinating and perfectly conserved proof of peasant life.

With a waterfall waiting at the end of a mule track delineated by stone slabs, you will find yourself immersed in a rural microcosm that, with its buildings and backdrop of life and labour, transports the visitor back into a bygone era.

Along the mule track that leads to Balma Boves, an itinerary starts uphill to Rocca La Casna where petroglyphs can be admired.

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