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Casa Pellico a Saluzzo

Photo Credits Lucio Rossi

Casa Pellico, Piazzetta Mondagli, 5 Saluzzo - CN
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(+39) 0175 46710 n.verde: 800392789 Info:

Positioned in the picturesque piazzetta dei Mondagli, one of the most charming corners of the historic centre of Saluzzo, is a building of medieval origin, situated outside the circle of walls of 1280.

The house-museum extends over two floors: the ground floor houses the multimedia room devoted to the works and manuscripts of the author and on the first floor is the small apartment where the writer and patriot, Silvio Pellico, was born on 25th June 1789 and spent his first childhood years.  He retained throughout his life an affectionate memory of and gratitude to his city of birth, a literary setting of happy memory and affections.  In the frescoed neoclassical room are displayed his personal effects.  Today, Casa Pellico is included in the national circuit of “Houses of Memory”.

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