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Ciclovia Bassa Valle Maira

Route length
30,3 km
Altitude difference
395 m

The project to connect the municipalities of the lower Maira valley with a cycle route stems from the desire to enhance the shores of Maira stream, which are cycling-speaking perfect areas. A Tibetan bridge connects the two banks hanging above the water between Monastero and Morre hamlets. The bridge construction aroused curiosity and interest, turning it into the ideal destination for family tourism. In this area, you can find several paths and excursions for any request. “Ciciu del Villar” Natural Reserve, San Costanzo al Monte

abbey, Berardi di Cartignano castle and the medieval historic centre of Dronero are just some of the reasons why you should visit this endlessly mind-blowing valley. Here you can find unique experiences for hikers and cyclists together with arts and crafts and culinary experiences: Maira valley is also a must-stop point for foodies! When sweeping along the valley, you will find several points of interest where you can buy products of local excellence and experiencing the daily life of our local producers. This loop winds along secondary roads, agricultural tracks and short paths