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cima cialancia innevata con scialpinista

Peak Cialancia

Ottimi racchettatori
750 m
Bergemolo - rif. O. Bianco, Demonte - 1150 m slm
Cima Cialancia - 1885 m slm

Demonte (CN)

Bergemolo, the place of departure for the excursion, is placed in the middle valley and is certainly a pleasant surprise for those who visit for the first time. Silence and stillness surround the Olmo Bianco hut, a reference point for this excursion. From here you start a slow ascent, which alternates easy slopes with short stretches with more challenging steep slopes throughout the way up to the Arpione Col. Near the Col the scenery changes from the woods to an open and panoramic view towards the Maritime Alps and the Gesso valley. 

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