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Colle dell’Agnello

Average Skier
950 m
ex dogana di Chianale, Pontechianale - 1809 m slm
Colle dell'Agnello - 2742 m slm

Pontechianale (CN)

The Colle dell’Agnello represents the border and the overcoming of the barrier that divides us from France. From the former border station, shortly after the village of Chianale, follow the road, up to a large cracked boulder, at a hairpin bend. You cross the river and continue inside the valley, easily reaching the col. It is worth mentioning the possibility to start two other trips in the same area: Rossette peak (2905 m) and the more challenging Sella d’Asti (3123 m) which allows you to have a loop hike returning from the Colle dell’Agnello.