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Crest Conce and Fore Summit Tre Chiosis

Easy Trail Difficulties
Difficult Trail Difficulties
Ottimi racchettatori
Easy Trail Gradient
150 m
Difficult Trail Gradient
500 m
Rif. Helios, Pontechianale - 2335 m slm
2429 m slm - 2852 m slm

Pontechianale (CN)

Easy hike up to the viewpoint on the crest Conce, more challenging, but very rewarding, following the ridge up to the fore summit of Tre Chiosis. Starting from the Helios Hut upstream of the chair lift, go up to the right of the beaten track, follow the ridge to get to a col that forms an extraordinary viewpoint on the Monviso and the Vallanta valley. From here, for those who want and are well trained, we continue along the crest, reaching up to over 2800 meters, from where it feels like you are touching  Monviso! 

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