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Tour of the Malinvern

Great skier
1500 m
parch. Rif. Malinvern / V. di Riofreddo, Vinadio - 1520 m slm
Passo del Lupo - 2660 m slm

Vinadio (CN)

1500 meters altitude for this loop hike on steep terrain with obligatory routes and high differences in altitude and a scenario made of large lakes, including the artificial dam of Riofreddo. You touch the Stura Valley, the Gesso Valley and, beyond the border, Isola 2000 in the Mercantour park; you meet barracks, tunnels dug into the rock at the bottom of the Drous and you cross three Cols: the Passo del Lupo 2660 m, the Bassa del Drous 2628 m and the Colletto di Valscura 2533 m. You return to the Malinvern Hut, run by the ski mountaineering champion Katia Tomatis.

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