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The chapel of San Salvatore – Macra

Photo Credits Lucio Rossi

Ufficio Turistico e Consorzio Turistico Valle Maira Piazza XX Settembre 3 12025 Dronero (CN)
Contact info
(0039) 0171.917080 / 379.1789427
Opening hours
lunedì-venerdì 8.30-12.30 / 13.30-16

Situated on the main road of the Maira Valley, at the entrance to the municipality of Macra, the church of san Salvatore is one of the most ancient buildings of worship in the valley.

The exterior is a simple structure with a webbed facade and semicircular apse.  The interior houses two important series of frescoes.  The first, from the Romanesque period, shows Adam and Eve, battle scenes and a dance scene.  There are performances of music painted.  In the apse, a pictorial series of late Gothic craftmanship portrays the twelve Apostles, the four Evangelists in the act of writing their Gospels and a Christ in a mandorla.  A small alpine chapel of enormous artistic value.

It is worth noting the Trail of the Cyclamens and the Chapel of san Pietro a short distance away.