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The Cave of Rio Martino

I.A.T. Unione Montana dei Comuni del Monviso, Via S. Croce n. 4, Paesana - CN
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La Grotta di Rio Martino at Crissolo, in the upper Po Valley, is one of the most famous and important caves in Piedmont.

Located at the foot of the Rocca Grané at an altitude of 1530m, it can be reached by foot in 20 minutes from the small town of La Spiaggia.

It can be visited either unaccompanied or accompanied from April to October. The site is closed to the public in winter to protect the large number of hibernating bats which inhabit it.

Going along the lower section, which is 530 m long and equipped with footbridges, you come to the charming Waterfall of the Pissai which is 40 metres high. Along the route you can admire formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

With a constant temperature of 5°C and 100% humidity, it is advisable to wear suitable clothing and shoes for your visit.