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La Via delle Cave

Route length
39,15 km
Altitude difference
1325 m

This landscape full of history and culture is home to a splendid cycle-excursion route. The loop starts nearby the ancient Malingri Castle in Bagnolo Piemonte and approaches the Cistercian monastery Dominus Tecum in Prà d’Mill small town, right away. From here, a mainly wellkept dirt road goes up the wooded slope towards the first quarries, reaching Bric Brusella, Montoso and Rucas hamlets. The scenic descent crosses an area dotted with quarries by approaching Madonna della Neve Sanctuary. It intercepts the cycle path “La Via della Pietra” (a track connecting Bricherasio to Saluzzo), part of the Regional Cycle Network, through which you can get back to Bagnolo Piemonte.

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