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The Hamplets of Laouzatìe

Medi racchettatori
200 m
fraz. S. Pietro, Monterosso Grana - 850 m slm
Pilone dei Partigiani - 1050 m slm

Monterosso Grana (CN)

From San Pietro Monterosso, follow the road that goes up to Frise, until beyond the village of Saretto. A very evident crossroads on the right allows you to put on the snowshoes and start a slow ascent. The comfortable carriage road leads to Fougirous, before entering the woods to get to Combetta, slate quarrymen’s villages. A brief digression leads us to the Pillar of the Partisans, from where you can enjoy a splendid view over the Valley. Returning to Combetta, a forest track descends sharply to the centre of San Pietro Monterosso.

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