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III/3 - III/5
da 50 a 140 m
fraz. Chianale, Pontechianale 1809 m slm

Pontechianale (CN)

In the gully downstream of the village of Chianale, in half an hour’s walk and with a beautiful access gully, you get to the most beautiful amphitheatre in the valley, with a wide choice to suit all tastes! The falls come down parallel and form the Martinet on the right, Tromba (Trumpet), Variante (Variant), Bianca Sirena (White Siren), the Left Icefall, Scudo (Shield) and Goulotte (Gully). Depending on conditions, continue with the jumps of the Upper falls of Martinet. The names of the first climbers make it clear that the area is the most suitable for this sport: Grassi, Ghigo, Scotto, Rossi, Piras! 

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