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Mount Ciaslaràs

Good skier
1372 m
fraz. Chiappera, Acceglio - 1630 m slm
Monte Ciaslaras - 3002 m slm

Acceglio (CN)

The crest of Mount Ciaslaràs marks the border between Italy and France on one side, which then continues along the towering walls of the Tête de l’Homme and on the other side towards the soft hollows of the cols Marinet and Maurin. You can reach the peak from both sides: going up the Infernetto Valley and its sunny slopes, or from the Valley of Maurin facing the last steep ascent to the Col du Ciaslaràs facing north. The view from the summit is unrivalled and extends to the glaciers of the Ecrins massif, on French soil.