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Mount Rastciàs

Good skier
1330 m
b.ta Fracchie, S. Damiano M. - 1075 m slm
Monte Rastcias - 2405 m slm

San Damiano Macra (CN)

Skis on your feet, the ascent begins by constantly climbing large slopes facing South. The ski skins ascent Mount Cugulet – Nebin is not very tiring and allows you to reach two peaks, both along the Maira / Varaita watershed. The glance enjoyed from the summit satisfies the effort of the climb; it ranges from the slopes of M. Pelvo (3061 m), to the southern slope of Monviso (3841 m) and then descends to the valley floor. For the less trained, the peak can be reached along the ridge from Col of the Cavallina.

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