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Victor Salvi Museum of harps

Museo dell'Arpa Victor Salvi, Via Rossana 7, Piasco - CN
Contact info
(+39) 0175 270510

Located in Piasco, it is the first and only museum in the world dedicated entirely to the harp, its history and its sound universe.

It is in a multifunctional building which comprises an exhibition space, an auditorium, the reception with the ticket office and the Museum Shop, the Museum’s sales area.

The Museum was established to accommodate, in rotation, the collection of more than 110 ancient harps,  inspired by Victor Salvi.  Today, it is the point of reference at international level not just for harpists but also for art lovers.  This is due also to the exhibitions held in recent years, the concert programmes and musical festivals, seminars, visits and educational workshops for both institutions and private individuals, all devised to promote the culture of the harp and its sound universe.

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