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Parish church of Santa Maria di Elva

Ufficio Turistico e Consorzio Turistico Valle Maira Piazza XX Settembre 3 12025 Dronero (CN)
(0039) 0171.917080 / 379.1789427
Opening hours
lunedì-venerdì 8.30-12.30 / 13.30-16

A worthwhile stop on a day’s walk is Elva, a small town nestling in the mountains of the upper Maira Valley.

The parish church of Santa Maria preserves inside a precious series of frescoes painted between the 15th and 16th century by the Flemish painter, Hans Clemer, also known as the “Maestro d’Elva”, who was an artist active in the court of the Marquises of Saluzzo.  Scenes from the Life of the Madonna are depicted in sequence on the side walls, while on the end wall of the chancel a Crucifixion of rare dramatic quality stands out.  Also notable are the sculptural decoration of the entrance portal, of the triumphal arch in green stone and the 14th century baptismal font.

A visit is also recommended to the the nearby Museo di Pels (hair) where the story of the hair collectors is preserved.


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