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Passo di Laroussa

Good skier
1021 m
fraz. Besmorello, Vinadio - 1440 m slm
Passo di Laroussa - 2461 m slm

Vinadio (CN)

From the small village of Besmorello, you reach the Migliorero Hut and from here you go to Mount Laroussa, which stands on the long ridge that from the peak of the Corborant descends to Mount Saletta, dividing the two valleys of San Bernolfo and ‘Isciator.  Once you have passed the lake, you will find a particularly steep gully and you will reach the rock wall. The crossing is fantastic as well as the descent to San Bernolfo, where there are few wood and stone houses and the characteristic Dahu de Sabarnui Hut.

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