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Route length
18,1 km
Altitude difference
671 m

The itinerary follows the course of Maira river, flanking the stream at several points. From Ponte Marmora (municipality of Prazzo) you reach Chiappera (municipality of Acceglio), getting at the feet of Rocca Castello-Provenzale peak. The suggestive shape of this summitcharacterizes the entire area. On the way up, you pass through numerous tiny villages where beautiful examples of typical local architecture survive still today. Wide forest trails, partly intended for cross-country skiing in winter, alternate with undemanding single-trails and good asphalt sections. After Ponte Maira hamlet, you enter the magnificent wood of mountain pine, registered in the Sites of Community Importance (SCI) proposed by NATURA 2000 network and which is home to the fabulous travertine marble caves to be found right below Maira sources. You can reach the caves with a short detour. The Ponte Marmora – Chiappera section is an enjoyable excursion for MTB beginners and an interesting dirt-road connection between middle and upper Maira valley.

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