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Nature reserve “Ciciu del Villar”

Via Ciciu 43, 12020 Villar San Costanzo (CN)
Contact info
(+39) 327 1176661

The legend relates that the Ciciu (dolls) were Roman soldiers who, following San Costanzo, were turned to stone by the will of God.

In reality, this reserve protects within it an unusual soil erosion phenomenon which, over the centuries, has led to the formation of the Ciciu.  These earthen columns, surmounted by rock hats, resemble giant mushrooms of various shapes and sizes.  Within the Ciciu Reserve, you can go hiking and bouldering.  The area has a visitors’ centre and picnic area.  In the surrounding area you can go mountain-biking, hang gliding and paragliding.  The Sanctuary of San Costanzo al Monte and the Parish of San Pietro in Vincoli nearby the Reserve are worth visiting.

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