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Torrette and Chandelle Ga’stok 90°

II/2+ - III/5+
250 m - 70m
Borgata Torrette, Casteldelfino 1179 m slm

Bellino (CN)

Upstream of the hamlet of Torrette di Casteldelfino, you start two opposite climbs: Chandelle Ga’stok 90°, the most difficult and aesthetic one of the valley and Torrette, one of the easiest and most suitable for beginners. The Ga’stok ice candle is clearly visible from the road and its conditions can therefore be easily assessed. Torrette is hardly visible from below, but it is one of the first to form, even with water scarcity. The opening of Ga’ stok Icefall in 1982 (Ghigo, Scotto and Bonamico) was a step forward in the level of high difficulty on ice.

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