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Terres Monviso

Telling the story of a land without borders

Six alpine valleys and beautiful cities of art
A corner of uncontaminated Piedmont at the foot of Monviso to discover

A few kilometers from Turin, a wonderful territory awaits you composed of environments ranging from the rolling hills of the valley floor to the rich high-altitude grasslands, up to the 3841 m of the imposing King of Pietra, monviso, from whose slopes the Po, the longest river in Italy, is born.

A small strip of Piedmont that has been recognized by UNESCO as a Monviso Biosphere Reserve, a discreet land, but of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.
These valleys are the ideal territory for those who love mountains and nature and especially outdoor sports: from trekking to horseback riding; from mountain biking to sport and ice climbing; from kite surfing to paragliding; from alpine skiing to cross-country skiing; from canoeing to rafting.

Among the beautiful cities of art of the plain, Saluzzo, the ancient capital of the Marquisate, is the gateway to the five Alpine valleys that naturally converge, from majestic peaks, towards a rich and welcoming valley floor. Precious cultural, landscape and gastronomic emergencies are scattered everywhere, between the lowland municipalities and the Po, Varaita, Maira, Grana and Stura valleys. A land of artisan knowledge that has shaped villages and hamlets and local products that are part of the Atlas of flavors of Monviso and Terre Occitane.

Five paths that offer the visitor to be traveled in an ideal climb upwards, but that at the same time lend themselves to slow transverse walks that allow transit and testify to the existence of a common matrix, of a shared tradition that still resonates today in the sweet musicality of the Occitan language.

It is precisely in Occitan culture that this strip of land finds ancient bonds and a sense of belonging: from medieval troubadours to the present day in a lively and colorful path that translates into language, customs, music and dances, care of the territory and genuineness of the people. A multiplicity of offers on an Alpine territory that is waiting to be lived to leave you speechless.

MOVE is waiting for you to discover all this and much more.
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