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Valle Grana

An authentic and wild alpine valley rich in natural heritage and traditions

The Valle Grana territory is an almost intact environmental niche, where ancient history and uncontaminated nature are intertwined with the traditions of the Occitan-Provençal culture and gastronomic excellence. Paths and mule tracks accompany you from the alluvial plain at the

bottom of the valley, through the narrow gorges of the torrent, up to the boundless prairies of the high ridge surrounding the Sanctuary of San Magno, a GTA stop-off point.

In less than 25 linear kilometres, the variety of environment and climate create a perfect place for fruit-growing, livestock breeding and sheep-farming: culinary specialties continue to mark the economy of these lands, such as the prized King of cheeses already popular in the 12 th century: the Castelmagno cheese PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)