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Elva – Sampeyre (Stage 7 – Tour Monviso mountain bike)

Route length
41,7 km
Altitude difference
1350 m
GPX full route

The last stage of the tour faces two climbs. From Serre (chief town of Elva municipality), you reach the historical high mountain military road “Strada dei Cannoni”. The track starts on asphalt and gives way to a wide dirt road. Following this path, you get to Bicocca pass (2,285 meters), where the military road ends. From here, you take a single trail immersed in the fairytale larch forest of Sant’Anna di Bellino valley, a source of strong emotions for every downhill mountain biking lover. The hamlet of Borgata Chiesa offers a moment of rest before starting the second ascent: a 7-km climb which, with wide hairpin turns in high altitude meadows, leads to the scenic pass called Colletto della Battagliola (2,248 m). With the last effort, you face the technical descent reaching Pontechianale. From here, you descend the valley till Sampeyre by following ancient mule tracks and avoiding the asphalt roads and the driveway traffic.

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Full route layout: