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Scopri Saluzzo e dintroni

The Saluzzo Plain encloses the territories surrounding Saluzzo, in a scenario dominated by the prominence of the Monviso massif. In addition to the mountain backdrop, the castles on the hills and the medieval town of Saluzzo define the structure of the landscape. This role as a eographical

and landscape pole coincides with a historical central role: Saluzzo was the capital of an autonomous territorial system for four centuries, and still retains strong characteristics of its key role, historical and cultural importance. The legacy of the Marquisate of Saluzzo is in fact evident in

the numerous castles and noble residences in the territory: from the Castiglia di Saluzzo to the Castello dei Marchesi alla Manta, from the Racconigi residence to the Tapparelli castles in Lagnasco. Historic palaces and ancient churches dot the streets of the Saluzzo plain, where tourists

also come for the local gastronomy, ranging from the orchards that characterise large tracts of the landscape to the cattle breeds such as the Frisona and Piemontese.

Be inspired by the beauty of Saluzzo and its surroundings.

Outside the town of Saluzzo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the symbol of the power of the Marchesato, impossible to miss given its grandeur! Here you can admire a masterpiece by

Flemish painter Hans Clemer. The birthplace of Silvio Pellico, his house is now a museum which

you can visit. Upon arrival at the town centre, do not miss the Duomo and the Castiglia, with its two multimedia installations inside, the Church of San Giovanni and the Antico Monastero dell’Annunziata, which houses the Fondazione Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale. A real

jewel at the foot of Monviso.



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