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Parco del Monviso, Via Griselda 8, Saluzzo - CN
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(+39) 0175 46505

Very close to the city of art of Saluzzo and to the island in the time of Staffarda, Paracollo is a fascinating site from a nature point of view.

There, two worlds meet – that of the plain which opens by the gentle, cool waters of the Po and that of the mountain which the river has just left behind, running narrow through the boulders.  It is densely populated with animals and plants: trout and eels live together, acacias and autumn crocuses, willows of the baskets and willows of the goats.  It is all easily visited by a good path which runs along the Po, shaded by a great variety of bushes.  When you set off, near the Ponte Pesci Vivi, you will find Hostel of the Po, an ideal base for groups and families.

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