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La Condamine Châtelard – Pietraporzio (Stage 5 – Tour Monviso mountain bike)

Route length
26.5 km
Altitude difference
1300 m
GPX full route

On the fifth day, you follow the path towards the Franch-Italian border by climbing up the gentle hollows of Ubayette valley. On your way to Italy, you will get to Roche la Croix fort, built to protect the town of Meyronnes, and to the majestic fortification complexes of Viraysse. These impressive military constructions date back to the last century and are now overlooking the Ubaye valley. The fortresses constitute an extraordinary cross-border passage nowadays and suggest this route was such in the past too. The board-crossing to Italy takes place in the vast prairies of Col de Larche-Col Della Maddalena mountain pass. From here, you follow the asphalt for a few kilometres. Nearby the Italian Puriac valley, you take a series of forest tracks that guide you to Pietraporzio, after some deviations in the side valleys to avoid the asphalt road.

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Full route layout: