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Couloir del Bram and Rio Frise

D-(III/3) TD(III/4)
800m - 850m
b.ta Crosasso di Frise, Monterosso 1304m slm

Monterosso (CN)

From the village Crosasso di Frise you go down for about 40 min along the forest track until you arrive on the right couloir. The Couloir del Bram alternates ice and snowy sections, starting from a closed gorge to subsequently meet the jagged crest of Mount Bram at about 2300 meters. The base of the icefall Rio Frise is the same as the previous one, but you must keep the left after approximately 200 metres. The climb alternates ice and snow and is to be avoided during periods of abundant snow. The arrival is at the top of the Grum, a splendid 360° panoramic balcony.

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