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Valle Maira

Harsh and spectacular views, forgotten and rediscovered villages

Discover Valle Maira

Harsh and spectacular views, forgotten and rediscovered villages; every place in Valle Maira shows the signs of an ancient history, a history written through the slow transformations of the earth along the geological eras and from the constant and respectful dialogue between man and nature. Crossing the Maira Valley, admiring its spectacular views and discovering its traditions, means taking a journey through time. that separated two continents millions of years ago. There are numerous stretches in which this profound geological transformation from which the Alps took shape is evident. The landscape in Valle Maira is never taken for granted: in just 45 km, you pass from lush forests of oak and chestnut trees to deep canyons with vertical swooping walls. An authentic paradise for all those who love hiking and outdoor activities

Let the beauty of the Maira valley seduce you!

If you like stories of magic, spells and legends, you cannot miss the Ciciu dei Villar, the pyramids of stones resulting from the erosive actions of water. At the foot of the Maira Valley, in Roccabruna, we find the archaeological site of Roccerè which holds the record for the level of concentration of engravings, the famous Coppelle, in a very small area and is one of the most important rock art sites of the age. of bronze at European level. From here it is possible to admire a breathtaking landscape, in which it is not uncommon to glimpse the local fauna, such as king crows, ibex and eagles! On the way to Elva it is impossible not to notice the Alpine Gothic bell tower of the church of San Peyre di Stroppo on the rocky spur overlooking the road below



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