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Seles Museum in Celle di Macra

Photo Credits Lucio Rossi

Ufficio Turistico Valle Maira Piazza XX Settembre, 3 Dronero - CN
(+39) 0171 917080

Over the centuries, the job of the anchovy trader has created a strong identity for the Maira Valley, influencing its social, economic and cultural development.

To explore the subject further, a visit to the Museo Multimediale Seles di Celle Macra is recommended.  It is devoted to the history of itinerant jobs and it studies the local situation from a historical, anthropological and socio-cultural point of view.  The museum is divided into three thematic sections and is integrated by a video with evidence and interviews.  Not to be missed is a visit to the adjacent Parish church of San Giovanni Battista.  Two tours through the outskirts of Celle Macra start from the piazzale opposite the Parish church: the Trail of the Anchovy Traders and the Trail of Faith.