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The Oustano Routes

I.A.T. Unione Montana dei Comuni del Monviso, Via S. Croce n. 4, Paesana - CN
Contact info
(+39) 0175 94273

The ancient routes of Ostana are hiking itineraries which allow you to discover the alpine culture. The Municipality of Ostana, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, a natural balcony overlooking the magnificent mountain chain of Monviso, allows visitors to get to know its present and its past as they walk along one of the three ring routes which link the towns together. Routes also lead towards the mountain pastures or to Crissolo. Thanks to the involvement of I Reneis, the Oustano Streets are signposted with wooden signs with the original Occitan placenames, and accompanied by boards with information on the history, culture and traditions. In fact, it’s a sort of open air museum to visit whilst hiking!

Ask for the map Le Vie d’Oustano at the IAT dell’Unione del Monviso or at the Porta del Monviso.