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Punta Tre Chiosis

Good Skier
1420 m
fraz. Genzana, Pontechianale - 1659 m slm
Punta Tre Chiosis - 3080 m slm

Pontechianale (CN)

Trip with a significant altitude range, rewarded by the emotion of the scenery and by the fantastic descent that has to be tackled in spring snow. From the hamlet of Genzana go up the slopes on the right of the village. The ascent is regular and takes you quickly to the slopes above the chairlift. On the left of the beaten tracks you climb up to the ridge and the summit, from which it seems you could reach out and  touch the western face of Monviso. The breath-taking view of the Vallanta Valley completes the picture, as we prepare to 1400 meters of uninterrupted descent.

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