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The Parish church of St. Peter in Vincoli

Ufficio Turistico e Consorzio Turistico Valle Maira Piazza XX Settembre 3 12025 Dronero (CN)
Contact info
(0039) 0171.917080 / 379.1789427
Opening hours
lunedì-venerdì 8.30-12.30 / 13.30-16

A visit to the ancient Benedictine abbey of Villar San Costanzo immerses one in a medieval monastic atmosphere.

It is located as you enter the village and, in centuries past, it was the fulcrum of the religious and economic life of the land.  The building, which was renovated in the 18th Century, preserves within its interior the marble slab on which the martyr, Costanzo, was beheaded and the chapel of san Giorgio with the elegant series of late Gothic frescoes by the painter Pietro da Saluzzo.  Underneath, the Benedictine crypt maintains an atmosphere of age old spirituality.

It is worth visiting the Ciciu del Villar Reserve and the sanctuary of San Costanzo al Monte nearby.


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