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Monviso North Face Couloir Coolidge

D (IV/3, M)
Bivacco Villata 2681 m slm
Monviso, 3841 m slm

Crissolo (CN)

The north face of Monviso is a classic mountaineering climb, which, depending on the year, may have shorter or longer stretches on ice. On the North wall, the Coolidge is the most classic way, which starts from the Villata bivouac at 2850 m altitude. The approach is from Pian Regina, in the valley dei Quarti. On the North face, the most popular ways are those of Canali di Destra and Canale Perotti. For lovers of technical climbs, the Couloir Claude at Colle N delle Cadreghe di Viso, the most challenging winter ascent to Viso: ED (IV / 5 +, M). 

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