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Alpine skiing


The practice of alpine skiing is not localized in large areas, which collide with the surrounding environment, but in smaller structures, scattered in the most characteristic corners, able to offer inimitable views at every glance and the possibility of rediscovering values ​​by now.


Bagnolo: Rucas ski resort, purely aimed at children and beginners. There are a ski lift and a moving walkway, which serve 3 medium-easy ski runs and bobsleigh and snow tubing trails.
A baby park service is also available on the slopes.
For information, tel. 340.0831343

Crissolo: located at the foot of the Monviso, very close to the source of the Po: thanks to the chairlift that leaves from the town center, you can reach the high-altitude lifts. The structure consists of 4 ski lifts and 1 chair lift for a total of 15 km of slopes. There is also the possibility of snowboarding, off-piste excursions, and a school camp for children and beginners.
For information, tel. 0175.94907 –

Paesana – pian Muné: The property is 14 km from the capital and can be easily reached by car: it is particularly suitable for family groups and lovers of relaxation in the mountains. There are 3 ski lifts and 1 chair lift for a total of 22 km of slopes (lifts in modernization).
For information, tel. 0175.945900


Bellino: track of 1.5 kim, for beginners, in the hamlet of Chiesa.
For information, tel. 0175.95110

Pontechianale-Chianale: At an altitude of 1,600 m, there are 2 ski lifts for 1.5 km of slopes, suitable for beginners, and a school field. There is also a treadmill with free access.
For information, tel. 0175.950174

Sampejre: station suitable for beginner and medium-level skiers, it consists of 2 chairlifts and 2 ski lifts for a total of 2 km of slopes. Possibility of snowboarding. There are two restaurants with solarium at the property.
For information, Varaita Valley Ski School – Sampeyre: tel. 347.8798930


Canosio: a small “family-friendly” ski-lift ensures easy and fun descents for beginners and skiers.
For information, Municipality of Canosio, tel. 0171.998122