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borgata paraloup

Hamlet Paraloup

Rifugio Paraloup Borgata Paraloup Rittana- Borgata Paraloup- CN-
Contact info
(+39) 3491268858

Paraloup is a small village situated at 1400m in the municipality of Rittana.  In 1943, it offered hospitality to the first partisan band of Justice and Liberty, captained by Duccio Galimberti.  Personalities like Dante Livio Bianco, Nuto Revelli and Leo Scamuzzi, who were destined to become leading characters in the struggle for liberation, also passed through the village.

Thanks to the work of the Nuto Revelli Foundation, the village of Paraloup is a true example of a mountain brought back to life.

The village is a place of historical cultural activities and also has a mountain hut open to the public.

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